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Poker Pros Are Entrepreneurs By Heart

Poker has been the preserve of swanky gents who know a thing or two about the world’s most sophisticated card game. Well, not sophisticated as in learning the rules, as this is quite easy to pull off. Still, poker invites enough wriggle room for high plays and unexpected outcomes, not to mention the prize pools [...]

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Ocean Resort Casino Arrives in New Jersey

The state of gambling in New Jersey has been changing at a rather interesting pace. Let’s look at the facts first. Until the end of June, all players located in New Jersey and participating in online casinos could opt for 16 different sites hosted by Atlantic City’s licensed operators. However, a new player has now [...]

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Global Poker drops PayPal for WorldPay

Global Poker (GP), the company owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds, has managed to bring around one of the most important change to the US poker landscape – a legal poker portal that accepts US players. GP is de facto assuming an innovative approach whereby its offer doesn’t fall under the category of gambling, although it [...]

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WSOP Main Event Second-Highest Attendance

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event has caused a decent buzz for its 2018 edition. The number of entrants was quite significant, too, with 7,784 people signing in for the event. It has been the second-largest attendance rate on record since 2006, ad it constituted a modest, and yet respectable, 9% uptick. The [...]

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Katchalov Changes Poker Passion for Esports

Poker and eSports seem to be strangely intertwined. Just recently, we reported on the World Poker Tour (WPT) decision to sign up with the Las Vegas Esports Arena and host the final tables of Season 16. Now, Ukraine-born poker player Eugene Katchalov has decided to shift his interest and make a mess of his lucrative [...]

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Winners Amid the Dropping WSOP Popularity

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been one of the best-established poker pow-wows where pros meet each other and compete in a high-paced play of skill and prescience. While the event’s COLOSSUS segment prize pool has grown up significantly, its popularity has seemed to peter out for reasons that go beyond organizers and observers [...]

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Poker Central Adds Twitch as a Streaming Partner

Poker Central has signed a new partnership with Amazon-owned and eSports-focused platform Twitch. The company’s intentions are not difficult to divine. Poker Central will try to reach out to a young audience with plenty of disposable income. A move that seems to be gaining traction across the world of poker, with the latest addition of [...]

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Illinois On the Cusp of Legalizing Online Gambling

The State of Illinois is joining the overall push to legalize the online gambling industry, as well as drive steady forays into the sports betting and daily fantasy sports segment. The news came on Friday with a newly-presented bill by the name of Senate Bill 7. This particular piece of legislation doesn’t address a particular [...]

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Poker Central’s ARIA High Roller Player of the Year Award

Poker Central has decided to inaugurate rake-free-free high roller event which will whet the appetites of established players. The next season’s ARIA High Rollers will have a freshly-coined recognition known as the ARIA High Roller Player of the Year award. High rollers have been particularly popular daredevils in the field of gambling. They have contributed [...]

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Will Online Poker Be Endorsed After PASPA?

The repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) on Monday has caused ripples in the very fabric of online gambling. However, despite the tremendous implications the repeal may have hereafter, it was definitely not a chance event. The State of New Jersey has committed over $8 million in money to fight the [...]

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