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Online Poker May Soon Take Off in Sweden

Sweden’s push for a regulatory change of its gambling laws will now allow the country to join the European poker fray and Svenska Spel the state-owned operator, will soon be far from the only venue where lovers of online poker can turn a pretty dollar based on their merits and understanding of the game. The [...]

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Canada Ponders Ban on Foreign Poker Operators

And so, in the U.S. we may be witnessing a let-up in the stern regulations that impede sports betting, gambling, and above all - online poker from taking in earnest. The ruling of the SCOTUS has been like a breath of fresh air into the creaky bones of decades-old legislation. Now, though, a neighbor is [...]

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Why 32Red was fined £2m over a sole problem gamer

The world of poker has known its controversies. From the shutting down of websites to arguing the outcome of games, and on occasion – a few incidents involving gunmen storming offline events. Today we look into a slightly different matters, though. 32Red, an established British online casino, has been fined £2 million over its failure [...]

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No Online Poker in NY in 2018

Whilst New York originally vowed its support for online poker, albeit, without any real legal framework, things have turned out rather differently. On Wednesday, the NY Assembly officially ended its session without passing any online poker or sports betting legislation, meaning that the issue has been put on the backburner. It was likely that the [...]

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The Four States to See Their Online Poker Soon

Amid all of these changes in regulation you have been hearing about, you must certainly be asking yourself: where can I play poker for a fact in the US online. It’s a good question and one that merits answering. Well, Pennsylvania managed to pass its own act legalizing online poker in October 2017, joining other [...]

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Is Online Poker Becoming a Reality in New York?

Online poker legalization in the US is a big deal. Currently, most states don’t allow online poker. There was even recent news that New York State Senate didn’t include in their budget the allocation for online gambling or poker. But just when everyone thought that things are over, it wasn’t exactly the case. Just when [...]

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