Real Money New York Online Poker Sites for 2020

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New York online poker sites

Poker in New York is quite the phenomenon. With the famous Stu Ungar hailing from the state and becoming a poker legend himself, the limelight has long been on NY poker clubs. Today, we will talk about online poker in NY and how the lack of a fundamental legal cardroom in the state hasn’t affected New Yorkers’ ability to look up and play at some of the best online poker sites today.

While NY doesn’t have poker rooms based in the state that run online tournaments and cash games, there are plenty of viable options elsewhere. Admittedly, Stu Ungar has been quite the inspiration for generations of New Yorkers and that explains the growing interest for the game in the Empire State.

To channel their love in the popular card game, players today turn to the best NY online poker rooms and spend time participating in some of the most important events and grinding cash games. Here is where you can play yourself if you reside in New York:

Here’s a list of the best New York online poker sites for 2020:

  2. Ignition Poker
  3. Juicy Stakes
  4. Americas Cardroom
  5. Intertops Poker
  6. Bovada

Top 7 New York Approved Poker Sites

America’s Top Rated

4.8 / 5.0
  • Trusted by US Players Since 2001
  • Huge Bad Beat Jackpots
  • Fully Licensed and Regulated
Payout Speed 1-2 Days
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $1000
Secure, Fast Deposit Options

Ignition Poker

4.7 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 150% up to $1500

Juicy Stakes

4.7 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 200% up to $1000

Americas Cardroom

4.6 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $1000

Intertops Poker

4.6 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 200% up to $1000


4.5 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $500

4.4 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $2500

Is Playing Online Poker in New York Really Safe?

Playing online poker when you reside in New York State is perfectly fine. With laws not bothering orderly citizens, you can carry on and play at as many cardrooms as you like so far as you feel safe. And this is another matter altogether.

Players usually try to find the safest cardrooms, citing security concerns. Yet, there are plenty of online poker NY options to experience first-hand and in complete safety at that. All that matters is to pick the card rooms that observe and uphold industry standards, and that’s not too difficult at all.

There are a few things we like to see outside of the common technicalities and SSL encryption. A reliable customer support – regardless of the frequency – is always a must. Not least, many cardrooms now offer responsible gambling pages and these are always very welcome.

Why Play Online Poker in NY?

So, you want to play NY poker online, but aren’t sure if you should? There are many upsides to opting for online play over visiting a social poker club. Without passing judgement on either, we believe there are inherent upsides to sticking with online solutions.

  1. Recreational and serious players can find far more options to leverage their knowledge and compete for better prize pools at smaller buy-in costs.
  2. NY poker is not entirely regulated making it difficult to participate in land-based games. However, there are no restrictions if you want to play online offshore poker.
  3. Online poker brings better bonuses that can be cashed out and claimed continuously at small amounts.
  4. Not least, you can participate in seven-figure tournaments that make for some opportunities that could potentially turn your first deposit into a big prize. Far more importantly, though, there are no land-based poker alternates to these big tournaments New York.

These are just four good reasons why online makes it so easy and worthwhile to opt into online poker. Outside of this, there are other considerations as well. For instance, mobile poker is another great upside.

NY poker sites allow you to play for real money on the go, and that’s huge, of course. It gives you a level of comfort that few states can genuinely enjoy. Playing online will also save you many discomforts of the traditional gaming experience, such as:

  • Traveling to a physical location to play
  • Waiting for players to turn up
  • Picking specific times of the day
  • Waiting for tournaments played a few times per month

All of this adds up to the comfort of online play which, will engaged with remotely, is still a great way to get involved in poker and play recreationally or even professionally.

How to Pick the Best Online New York Poker Room

Having your pick of the online poker honey pot sounds awesome. You can choose from many online poker rooms in New York and enjoy cash games, tournaments, various bonuses and more. But the question of how to choose the best one will keep coming up again.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about blacklisted poker rooms as we have rigorously tested the majority of popular choices and established their credentials. Outside of these recommendations, you can quickly have a look through and see for yourself.

Websites such as BetOnline Poker and Ignition Poker are some of the finest choices in New York. They come with a plateau of poker games tested by thousands of players who not only have an account registered at these poker rooms, but also make a point of participating actively.

Whether you are a recreational or a professional player, the cardrooms available to New Yorkers will always come with a host of opportunities. Apart from variety, a great NY poker site will have other great qualities.

Achieving the proper level of security is not just a matter of license, for example. In fact, many offshore cardrooms aren’t licensed, but they usually have over a decade of experience on the market, having stood player critic and feedback, and generally maintaining a respectable profile.

Therefore, we only draw your attention to the top cardrooms that have stood the test of time and have the fairest poker options through and through. Safety is important however – while a license just signals the place a cardroom is registered to run business out of, security measures should stand all testing.

As a result, SSL encryption and meeting technological standards for web development should be an absolute must. We make sure the best online poker sites in New York do.

What Poker Games Can You Play as a New Yorker?

There seems to be decent variety when it comes to online poker in New York. In fact, variety is most commonly associated with what games are available online rather than at land-based cardrooms. And so, players will be happy to find out that all popular options are there, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. Yet, there are other versions of the game to enjoy such as Americana and 32 Draw. They may seem niche, but there is still a lot of fun to be opted in choosing these NY online poker variants.

Each brand has its own unique way of hosting events. BetOnline, for example, runs a number of aptly named tourneys, such as the Daily Dozen, Sunday Majors, Twisted Turbos, Rebuy Frenzy, and dozens of others.

In fact, you can further pick from awesome choices such as Windfall Sit ‘n Go’s and even put in your request for a NY online poker tournament. Of course, NY players expect offers exclusively developed for them, but rest assured that offshore brands generally accept players from every state where they legally can do so – which is good news, as that means better liquidity and more opportunities to compete for better sums.

Demographics aside, you can be sure that BetOnline and Ignition Poker will always offer a level playfield. There are also some pretty decent buy-ins. The No-Limit Hold’em starts with a minimum limit worth .01/.02 and goes all the way up to $5/10.

Each cardroom will fine-tune the limits and buy-ins, but ultimately you can rest assured that everything is very much on point and, as a resident of New York State, you have access to some of the finest and most flexible online poker options.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money on New York Poker Sites

A great question. Since most NY online poker rooms are not located in the state this could lead to some slowdowns in processing your payments. However, the best cardrooms have found a way to stay on par with players’ expectations and demands and they have made sure to have all necessary payment options.

And so, players are encouraged to use tested payment options such as bank cards and even e-wallets. Even wire transfers should clear a deposit, although depending on the method you use, there may be processing time delays or some fee applied.

However, most established NY poker rooms will always make sure to alleviate those for you – or get rid of them altogether. Another viable way of banking safely is via cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH).  In each case, these blockchain-powered solutions guarantee expedited payment options.

The focus when it comes to crypto will usually fall on Bitcoin with very thorough guidelines developed by poker sites. You will usually receive very straightforward instructions where to buy BTC, how to set-up your first crypto wallet and make a deposit – and a withdrawal.

There is no doubt that these crypto withdrawals are quicker and far easier to clear. Where a regular withdrawal can sometimes take up to 3 business days, requesting to be paid in crypto may be completed instantly.

NY Poker Tournaments and Bonuses

As some of the fiercest online poker, New Yorkers aren’t just looking for any place to play a favorite pastime. Rather, and when given a choice, cardplayers would much rather have a selection of bonuses and tournaments to participate in.

Starting with the bonuses, presently, there are many decent real money poker options. The bonuses will vary somewhat, but they will all share the same fairly straightforward wagering terms.

Poker rooms are very neat when it comes to deposits, because you will find it very easy to clear the conditions. Unlike other online promotions, poker gets a streamlined experience. There’s no end game when you pick a NY poker bonus.

Instead, cardrooms will simply encourage you to play through as much as you realistically can without over-playing your hands. All bonus funds are released hourly depending on how much you have played through, which is a great way.

Speaking of tournaments, there are tons. And not just $150,000 leaderboards or some minnows. Some cardrooms disburse as much as $1,500,000 in guaranteed prize pools every weekend – an amount that certainly goes in the way of dab hands from New York.

The melting pot of the offshore gaming industry features players from all over the place, naturally, so New Yorkers aren’t going to be the only players benefitting, but they have a decent shot.


Can you play online poker for real money in New York?

Yes. Even though there are no NY card rooms directly in the state, many offshore poker sites accept New York players and allow them to play. As someone residing in the Empire State you can rest assured that you will benefit from a quality poker experience with the help of the top cardrooms catering to US players and NY specifically.

What are the best online poker sites for New York players?

The best online poker sites in New York are some of the best-established names in the industry at large. You have BetOnline and Ignition which are without any doubt the top contenders. They offer massive prize pools, great bonuses and tournaments to participate in by the plenty.

Can you play poker with Bitcoin in New York?

Yes, all NY online poker rooms offer Bitcoin as a viable payment option. You can both deposit and withdraw with BTC or even choose from other popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, LTC, and BCH among others.

Is mobile poker available to NY players?

Yes. Mobile poker is an essential part of the online poker experience and New York cardrooms – or at least those available to New Yorkers – are definitely not missing out on a good thing.

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