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About Natalie Summers

Natalie is our resident poker pro with many years of experience in this gambling scene. She first discovered her love for poker during a university event on campus and has continued this passion ever since.

No Online Poker in NY in 2018

Whilst New York originally vowed its support for online poker, albeit, without any real legal framework, things have turned out rather differently. On Wednesday, the NY Assembly officially ended its session without passing any online poker or sports betting legislation, meaning that the issue has been put on the backburner. It was likely that the [...]

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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most prestigious events for dab hands who like to crunch numbers and call their opponents’ bluffs. As the event inches to a start, WSOP reminders seem to be quite abundant and every one is sharing in the hype, from players to organizers. The event features [...]

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