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Busy perusing around the web to find out what goes on behind the scenes, you can be sure she’ll have the answers to your questions. Kate B, or as her friends call her “Ask Kate”, is our own little online gambling Kate-pedia.

Poker Central’s ARIA High Roller Player of the Year Award

Poker Central has decided to inaugurate rake-free-free high roller event which will whet the appetites of established players. The next season’s ARIA High Rollers will have a freshly-coined recognition known as the ARIA High Roller Player of the Year award. High rollers have been particularly popular daredevils in the field of gambling. They have contributed [...]

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Chinese Poker Giants Divided Over New Ban

Coming shortly after a Chinese government ban on online poker games and online gambling, Macau operators are divided about the future of the industry in the country. Concerned that the measures will not impact their business directly, they continue to eye the future with mixed feelings for the further expansion of the industry. The Chinese [...]

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Norway Just Indirectly Banned Online Poker

Following the recent move by China to ban online poker, Norway is also another country that passed their own gambling restrictions. It is going to be implemented by May 7, 2018. Is this a good or a bad move? Different parties including Centrist, Socialist Left, Labour, and Christian People’s Parties have announced that they are [...]

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Poker Stars Under Fire from ASA

Poker Stars is in trouble lately with the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA. It comes after strict monitoring of the entire gambling industry is in place. The ad produced in October 2017 by Poker Stars featured a voiceover of a man telling his friends “if you can bluff yourself, you can bluff anyone”.  What exactly [...]

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CoinPoker Allegations of Bots?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been catching the attention of many investors. In fact, businesses that have any hint of blockchain technology has been getting the attention of interested parties. And for this reason, it wasn’t surprising when CoinPoker was announced. CoinPoker is the cryptocurrency online poker room that was promoted by PokerNews. However, GameIntel’s [...]

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